Notarized Translations in the USA

In the USA, notarized translations are often required for official purposes, especially in legal and immigration contexts. Here are key points about notarized translations in the USA:

1. Definition: A notarized translation is a certified translation that has been signed and sealed by a Notary Public.

2. Purpose: Notarized translations are commonly used for immigration documents, legal contracts, academic transcripts, and other official records.

3. USCIS Requirement: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may require certified translations for documents like marriage certificates, foreign diplomas, criminal records, and police records.

4. Certification Process: Each translated document typically requires a separate certification by the translator, attached to the translation.

5. Notarization vs. Certification: While notarization confirms the authenticity of the translator's signature, certification affirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation itself.

6. Notary Public: A Notary Public is an official authorized to witness and authenticate legal documents, including notarized translations.

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