Sworn translation of diplomas in Brazil

With regard to the sworn translation of diplomas in Brazil, it is important to note that:

1. Legal necessity: In Brazil, sworn translation of diplomas is often required when an individual needs to present a foreign diploma to educational institutions, employers or government agencies. This is necessary to ensure that the document is understood accurately and officially.

2. Sworn translators: Certified translations in Brazil are carried out by public translators and commercial interpreters, also known as sworn translators. These professionals are certified by each state's Board of Trade and have the legal authority to carry out official translations.

3. Translation process: To obtain a sworn translation of a diploma, the interested party must contact a sworn translator and provide a copy of the diploma to be translated. The translator will carry out the translation and issue a document that includes the translation itself, as well as a declaration that the translation is faithful to the original.

4. Certification: The sworn translation is accompanied by a seal and signature of the sworn translator, which certifies the authenticity and accuracy of the translation. This document is legally recognized and can be presented to public and private institutions as proof of the official translation of the diploma.

5. Costs and deadlines: The costs and deadlines for obtaining a sworn translation of a diploma can vary depending on the sworn translator and the complexity of the document. It is usually a process that requires some financial investment and time, so it is advisable to start the process early.

6. Validity: Sworn translations are valid throughout the country and are recognized by public and private institutions. However, it is always advisable to check whether the institution or body to which the document will be submitted accepts specific sworn translations.

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