Valide seu diploma no Brasil

The Importance of Translating Diplomas and Academic Records to Validate a Degree in Brazil

When it comes to validating a degree obtained abroad in Brazil, an accurate, sworn translation of the diploma and academic transcript plays a crucial role. Here are the main reasons why this translation is essential:

1. Legal recognition: In Brazil, the validation of foreign diplomas requires the presentation of officially translated documents. This ensures that the academic records are recognized by the Brazilian authorities.

2. Facilitates the Validation Process: A sworn translation of the diploma and academic transcript simplifies the validation process with Brazilian institutions. This helps to correctly assess the equivalence of the foreign diploma with Brazilian educational standards.

3. Compliance with Official Requirements: The sworn translation is required to meet Brazil's legal requirements for validating foreign diplomas. This ensures that documents are accepted without problems during the academic recognition process.

Therefore, investing in a sworn translation of your diploma and academic transcript is essential to ensure that your qualification obtained abroad is recognized and accepted by Brazilian institutions, opening doors to educational and professional opportunities in the country. Here at idiomatics we have a team of sworn translators who are ready to help you. Don't hesitate and contact us now!